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Should I Be Using a Water Softener?

When some people hear the phrase “hard water,” they may take that a bit literally and think of ice. When we plumbers talk about hard water, though, this is not what we mean. Instead, hard water is water with a very specific problem which we’ll outline more below. Like any plumbing or water quality problems, of course, a great plumber can help you to find the right solution. If you have hard water in your home, then you could benefit greatly from the use of a water softener in Maryville, IL. As is the case with any plumbing component or water treatment system, though, you really need to know that your water softener is expertly installed in your home. That’s where our team comes in.

What Is Hard Water?

Not every home is going to need a water softener, as not every home will have trouble with hard water. However, many do, and hard water is more serious a problem than many homeowners seem to realize. Simply put, hard water is water that has too high a mineral concentration, specifically calcium and magnesium, among others. These minerals are responsible for the gunky white buildup that we see on many plumbing fixtures, and can also make it difficult to rinse one’s hair and body well in the shower, as well as to do laundry as effectively as possible. Even worse, these deposits can eventually begin to block pipes up, and that can lead to pressure imbalances and other issues. A water softener is the best way in which to avoid such issues.

What Is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a whole-house water treatment system, designed to remove these minerals from the water coursing throughout one’s plumbing system. It does by swapping out the minerals for sodium ions. The hard water moves into the water softener, and the problematic minerals cling to resin beads, carrying a negative charge. The minerals are oppositely charged, so the attraction is natural. A brine solution is flushed through the tank, and the ion exchange takes place.

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