Hidden Water Leak

Not all water leaks are immediately obvious to homeowners. While many leaks are visible, some develop hidden from view. Not immediately realizing that there is a water leak in your home, can cause serious damage to your home and cost you a lot more money. Here are a few signs that you may have a water leak in your house. If you notice them, give us a call for quality pipe repairs in Maryville, IL.Leaking Money

Tips to Finding Water Leaks Before Serious Damage

  1. A spike in water bills is one of the most obvious signs that you have a leak in your plumbing system, specifically in a supply pipe. Chances are that you have a basic idea of just how much you pay for the water that you use in your home. There will always be some amount of fluctuation, of course, but inexplicably high water bills may well indicate a leak. Even minor leaks can lead to serious waste and expenses.
  2. Stained or sagging ceilings, floors, or walls may also indicate that you have a water leak in your home. Remember, the area that is exhibiting the signs of water damage may not be exactly where the leak is, but rather where the water is winding up. We can pinpoint the source of your water leak, and fix it with the expertise that the job demands.
  3. Musty odors can also indicate that you have a water leak. Don’t just ignore them, even if they don’t seem as immediately worrisome as mold. If you ignore these odors, mold may not be far behind, anyway.

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