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family-ownedSince 2001, Embrich Plumbing Co has provided quality plumbing service to homes and businesses throughout the Collinsville, IL area. We were founded on the principles of integrity and innovation: offering our customers great value for their dollar and performing installation, repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of people. That’s allowed us to thrive based largely on word of mouth from satisfied customers – the most important kind of advertising there is and the one that speaks the most to the high quality of our services.

We handle all aspects of your plumbing needs, including water heaters, sewer lines, toilet and faucet repair, and whole-house re-piping projects as well. That encompasses businesses and commercial properties as well as private residences, and if you’re an office manager or an apartment manager, you know who to come to first. Whether you’re installing a new system or fixing an old one, our staff is standing by to help you. Give us a call today!

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under-sinkPoor plumbing installation can lead to a whole host of problems. Cheap materials will wear out more quickly than they should, and general inefficiency will lead to bigger problems than your system can nominally handle. That’s true for simple installations like pipes and valves but also for more extensive ones like hot water heaters and grease traps for commercial kitchens. That’s why Embrich Plumbing Co pledges a high quality installation for plumbing systems of all varieties. We’ll work with you to find the product or component that’s right for your needs – bringing our considerable experience to bear in the process – then install it with the professionalism you deserve!


A well–installed plumbing system is only the start of the process. Regular maintenance will help keep your plumbing running the way it needs to, especially in light of the harsh winter weather we experience in Collinsville, IL. Not only will it improve efficiency and lower your monthly bills, but it can help identify potential problems before they start and schedule a repair session when it can be fixed with relative ease. And if unexpected repairs crop up, we’ll be there anytime, day or night, to make the problem go away. We know you live a busy life, whether you’re maintaining a household or running a business. At Embrich Plumbing Co, our repair service is dedicated to eliminating your concerns and fixing the problem properly!


plumbingRegardless of whether you’re a homeowner in Collinsville, IL, or you own or operate a business, functional plumbing is essential to your day–to–day life. That’s why you can count on the trained experts at Embrich Plumbing Co to handle the problem the right way. From residential faucets and water heaters, to drain and sewer lines, to commercial systems like grease traps and drain lines, we have the right combination of skills and experience to work for you. If you need installation, repair or maintenance on your plumbing system, call us today. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results!

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