Backflow Prevention Device Installation, Testing and Repair

Your backflow prevention device is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system, and yet it’s something that many homeowners and business owners know very little about. Backflow prevention devices come in many shapes and sizes, and you’ve likely seen them outside of homes and businesses before. These units work to help protect your plumbing system from cross contamination in case there is a source of pollution threatening to work its way into your water supply. This can happen for any of several reasons. The most important thing is that you have a good backflow prevention device in place to keep you safe.

That’s where we come in. Our certified plumbing professionals are qualified to work with backflow prevention devices for commercial and residential properties in Collinsville, IL. Embrich Plumbing Co offers backflow prevention valve installation and replacement, as well as routine maintenance and inspections to ensure they are in good shape. We may be able to repair a broken or compromised backflow prevention device, but we can help you to find a quality replacement if not, including a highly effective and durable RPZ valve (reduced pressure zone valve assembly). Call us for more information.

Embrich Plumbing Co provides comprehensive backflow prevention device testing, installation, and repair services in Maryville, IL and the surrounding areas.


Whether it’s an installation for a brand new home or a replacement for a very old backflow preventer, we are happy to take on the work. We will inspect your home or business and review local codes to make sure you get the backflow prevention device that is the right fit for the property. One of the most common types of backflow prevention devices is the RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valve assembly, and we can install or service these. These valves prevent both back pressure and back siphonage, the two methods by which cross contamination may intrude upon your water supply, and they keep you safe from even the highest of risks.


If you need backflow testing to determine the state of your backflow prevention valve, just give our team a call. It’s important that your backflow preventer is always able to work properly. If a fire hydrant were in use, or if there were a breach in your water supply that allowed contaminants to get sucked into the pipes, this would be your main form of protection. Have your backflow prevention device tested each year if you want to be certain it is always working when you need it to. Some commercial properties require this annually. Call us for more information.


If you are looking for the perfect backflow preventer for your new construction project in Collinsville, IL, just call us today. Or, get in touch to schedule backflow testing, replacement, or repair. We want to make sure that your home remains protected from the threat of pollution from pesticides, wastewater, and other sources. Call Embrich Plumbing Co for quality service today.

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