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It’s natural to want the freshest, cleanest water possible in your home, but you may not always get it. That’s where our experts come in. The plumbing professionals from Embrich Plumbing Co not only carry top-quality water treatment systems, we also provide excellent, comprehensive water treatment services. Do you already own and use a water treatment system in your home or business? We’ll keep it in great shape with expert repair and maintenance services. Do you want to know your water is always fresh and filtered no matter what? Let us assess your needs and find the right water treatment system for you and your family. Sometimes the issue isn’t bad water, but hard water. If this is your challenge, we can help you with the installation and service of a water softener, or test your water to see how high the mineralization is. Let us help with you all of your water treatment needs in Collinsville!

The pros at Embrich Plumbing Co can help you with all of your water treatment needs in Maryville – just give us a call!


Why make the move to install a whole home water treatment system versus using the water filter on your refrigerator or a pitcher? The first reason is that you use water for a whole lot more than drinking. You need it for cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing and other uses. Don’t you want to know that all of your water, not just your drinking water, is the freshest and cleanest it can be? You can have this with a whole home approach.

A second reason to install a whole house water treatment system is for protection. Whether your water comes from a ground–source well or from your municipality, you want to know that your water is always going to be clean. Contamination can happen with well water and breeches do occur with municipal water lines. Protect yourself and your family with a whole house water treatment system. The third reason you should consider a whole home water treatment system is protection of your plumbing. Dirt, sediment and scale can do damage to your home’s plumbing system, but they won’t make it into the system with a water filtration system.


Hard water is water that has a high level of mineralization. Well water is typically high in mineralization, but depending on where you live, municipal water can be hard, too. High mineralization isn’t bad or unhealthy for you, but it can cause problems with your plumbing system. This is because the minerals create a build–up in piping and on fixtures known as scale, a hard, crusty substance that can restrict water flow. The best antidote to high mineralization is a water softening system. The pros at Embrich Plumbing Co can install, repair, maintain or replace your water softener so that your water doesn’t contribute to scale build–up in your plumbing system!


When you need help with a whole property water filtration system, you want to call the experts you can count on: Embrich Plumbing Co. We can help you with new installation, replacement of an outdated system, or the repair and expert maintenance of your current water filtration system.


If you need to reduce the amount of lime scale in your plumbing and/or water fixtures, the best way to do it is with a water softener. Our pros will make sure your water softener is the right size and installed correctly for optimal use. We can also repair your existing one.


Did you just move into a new home and want to make sure your water is healthy? Was there recently a breach in your local system that has you concerned? Do you think you have too much mineralization in your water? Let us find you all the answer you need about your home or business’s water with our comprehensive water testing services in Collinsville!


Are you looking for clean, fresh, healthy water but don’t want to use a mechanical filtration system to get it? Then you’ll want to consider using a reverse osmosis system. Call us today for installation, repair, repair or replacement!

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