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Are you planning to build, or have started to build, a new home or commercial space? There’s no question that you need a plumbing system. The question is: who is going to handle the proper and safe installation of your new plumbing system? If you are struggling to find the right plumbers for the job, you don’t need to anymore, because we have the professional, licensed plumbers you need right here at Embrich Plumbing Co!

Installing a brand new plumbing system is a great opportunity to make sure that your new plumbing and fixtures meet all of your needs and are as efficient as possible. However, if your plumbing system and fixtures aren’t installed correctly due to poor planning or poor workmanship, you could be looking at years of future repairs. This is why you want to call the plumbing pros at Embrich Plumbing Co. We will make sure the plumbing for your new construction not only meets your needs, but also meets the standards for all local and state codes and regulations.

When you need plumbing for your new construction project, call the licensed professional plumbers you can count on: Embrich Plumbing Co!


When installing a new system like a plumbing system, a number of factors need to be kept in mind. Here are some of the more common ones that property owners should be particularly concerned with:

  • Ballpark square footage costs – you will need literally yards of plumbing for your property’s new plumbing system, and this will cost money. The average price is around $5 a square foot, but you should check with your Embrich Plumbing Co expert on the actual per foot cost.
  • Costs beyond square footage – if you are tailoring a bathroom to be your personal oasis or need to install any special features such as a walk–in tub, you need to account for these costs in addition to the square footage costs.
  • Excavation costs – it is very likely that you will need some amount of excavation for your new property, given that sewer lines and main water lines are typically placed underground. You’ll want to know what the rates are going to be for this excavation so you don’t get surprised by sticker shock.
  • Our experts will walk you through all of these costs ahead of time so that you can have a handle on your budget and what to expect.


It is true that installing a brand new plumbing system is easier in certain aspects that adding on to an existing one. However, this doesn’t mean that you should handle the installation on your own. Why not? Here are some reasons:

  • Planning and designing – do you have experience planning and designing complex, new plumbing systems? Installing a new plumbing system without careful planning and design is like building a home without a foundation. When you work with one of our pros, we will work with you to plan and design a plumbing system that will accommodate all of your needs for years to come.
  • Insured and bonded – are you personally insured and bonded for any work you will do on your plumbing system? Or will any problems that happen, including personal injury, going to be your liability alone? This is something very important to think about.
  • Guarantee of work – can you guarantee your own work? When our professionals work on your home, your satisfaction is guaranteed or the job isn’t done.
  • Understanding of local, state and federal codes – there are many codes that plumbing systems must adhere to, and if you don’t know these codes, you are likely to build a system that isn’t up to code.

The plumbing experts at Embrich Plumbing Co have been helping customers with the plumbing for their new construction projects for years. Let us help you with yours – give us a call today!

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