Commercial Drain Cleaning Services in Collinsville, IL by Embrich Plumbing Co

Drain lines are important in every type of building here in Collinsville, IL, but especially in commercial enterprises that deal with food service and preparation. The drain lines needs to stay clear and free of trouble lest a backup or clog bring your entire operation screeching to a halt. In those circumstances, it’s important not only to have a company on hand that can clean your drains, but one that can help you prevent such problems in the first place with due diligence and prompt maintenance. Embrich Plumbing Co is just such a service. With professionalism born from years on the job and a commitment to handling the problem the right way, we have the skills and experience you need to ensure a proper drain cleaning service every time. Our friendly staff is standing by, so contact us today to get the process started!

Embrich Plumbing Co performs top-notch drain cleaning services throughout Collinsville, IL.


Your drains are charged with removing wastewater from your commercial property into the large civic sewer system of Collinsville, IL. When leaks spring up or clogs cause a backflow, it means you can’t use your plumbing system until it’s fixed. This can be troublesome enough for most commercial properties, who may have to do without sinks or toilets until the drains get cleaned. For commercial food services, however, it’s absolutely devastating. Even worse, clogs are more common with commercial food businesses, since you’re pouring fats, grease and other potential clog–causers down the drain as well as water. Trust the right company to handle such problems the proper way.


Embrich Plumbing Co handles drain cleaning services all the time, with a particular focus on commercial buildings and food–preparation businesses like restaurants. That gives us the knowledge you need to ensure that the drains are cleaned the right way. Furthermore, we come equipped with the latest equipment that takes full advantage of modern technology: everything from industrial drain snakes with rotating heads to miniature video cameras to get a good look at the source of the problem before finding a solution. That way, the problem is fixed properly and effectively, and if it’s a case of preventative maintenance, it gives us a leg up on how to stop it before it disrupts your business. If you’re a Collinsville, IL business owner or office manager, you can count on us!


If your drain becomes clogged, waiting for even a few hours can be devastating and not every emergency takes place during normal business hours. That’s why we offer comprehensive drain cleaning services which includes emergency calls at any time, day or night. That way, we can do our work after–hours: staying out of your staff’s way and getting the process completed well before you need to open for the next business day. That gets the drain cleaned without interrupting the vital work of staying in business, and without inconveniencing your employees or customers. Call Embrich Plumbing Co to handle drain cleaning services the right way!

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