Bio–Clean Pipe Treatment

It’s a sad fact that clogs will occasionally pop up in your plumbing system, and there really isn’t that much you can do to stop it the majority of the time. Clogs form through the slow accumulation of waste on the walls of the pipes, slowly constricting the flow of water through them until it’s cut off completely. There are solutions for clogs, of course, but most of them are spot treatments. That is, except for Bio-Clean. Embrich Plumbing Co offers a full range of Bio-Clean services throughout Collinsville, IL. If you’re tired of having your drains snaked out or hydro-jetted every few months, call today and ask about our Bio-Clean solutions. We’ll help you make sure that your plumbing system is kept clear and running smoothly.

Embrich Plumbing Co offers bio-clean pipe treatment services throughout Maryville, IL.


Bio–Clean is a type of cleaning solution that contains special bacteria. These bacteria, when poured down your pipes, isolate and consume any waste that is caked onto the pipe walls while leaving the pipes themselves alone. This bacteria is completely natural, and safe for both you and your plumbing. Because of the way the bacteria in Bio–Clean moves, it can completely cover every part of your plumbing pipes’ walls. Contrast this with popular chemical cleaners, which can only bring the brunt of their force to bear when assisted by gravity. Read on for the benefits of using Bio–Clean on your system.


There are a limited number of solutions to drain clogs outside of the Bio–Clean solution. Most people treat drain clogs with caustic chemicals like bleach, which can be found in most stores. While these are convenient, they do far more damage in the long run. The chemicals can eat through most clogs quite quickly, but they don’t stop there. If you use chemicals to clean out your drains on a regular basis, you’re going to corrode your pipes and have to replace them years earlier than you normally would.

Bio–Clean is completely safe for your plumbing pipes, and is just as effective at removing either forming or completed clogs. Bio–Clean also works to prevent odors from coming up out of your drains, by removing any and all waste that may slip by other solutions unnoticed.


If you want to protect your plumbing system in the best possible way, all you need to do is apply some Bio–Clean on a monthly basis. Regular Bio–Clean treatments will help ensure that your plumbing system remains clear and free of any waste that might impede its operation. If not properly applied, though, Bio–Clean’s effectiveness will be more limited. In order to ensure that you get your entire plumbing system properly protected, it’s a good idea to call Embrich Plumbing Co and ask about our Bio–Clean services. Our expert plumbers know exactly how to best use Bio–Clean, and can show you how to make sure that your home is protected. Call today to schedule an appointment. You won’t be sorry.

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