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Combustion hot water heaters can be great options for homeowners, but they are not appliances to be handled by amateurs. If you make your gas hot water heater a DIY project, at the very least you may find yourself without hot water and at the worst you may find yourself injured. Instead, trust plumbing experts who work with gas hot water heaters all the time: Embrich Plumbing Co. Our experts have experience with both tank and tankless gas hot water heaters and we also work on hot water heaters powered by propane.

We can install a new gas hot water heater for you, replace an outdated one, make sure your existing one runs optimally with annual maintenance or get it back on track with expert repair service. Have an emergency during off hours? Not a problem. We offer 24-hour emergency service and you’ll always speak to a person. There’s no need to attempt working on your gas hot water heater when the professional from Embrich Plumbing Co are just a phone call away!

Embrich Plumbing Co specializes in gas hot water heaters in Maryville, IL!


Natural gas is a popular fuel choice when choosing a hot water heater and there are a few reasons why:

  • Can be used with either tank or tankless systems – when you want to use natural gas to power your hot water heater, you don’t have to choose between a storage tank or tankless type – natural gas can be used for both.
  • It heats very quickly – it takes only a matter of seconds for gas to heat, and it averages about 130 degrees at full heating temperature. This means it will heat your water quickly.
  • It burns cleanly – natural gas is the cleanest–burning of all the fossil fuels around. If you are concerned about the air pollution caused by other types of fossil fuels, but need to use a fossil fuel in your home, you may want to consider using gas.
  • Gas can be used for other appliances – once you have natural gas piped into your home, it can be used for other appliances and systems. You can use it for central heating, stoves, clothes dryers and more.
  • It is convenient – because natural gas is piped into your home, you won’t ever have to worry about managing fuel deliveries or running out of fuel.


Some of these repairs will depend on the type of hot water heater you have, i.e., tank or tankless, but there are some repairs both systems can have in common. The first is any issues with safety controls. Each type of hot water heater has a number of safety controls to ensure the safe operation of the unit. Should a safety control malfunction, your hot water heater may not light properly or may not start at all. Both tank and tankless units use electronic ignition to light the burners. Sometimes these igniters can become dirty or shift their positions, making it hard to light the burner.

The burners themselves can have problems such as being clogged with dirt and dust or even developing a crack. Lastly, the main gas valves can develop problems, sometimes due to dirt and dust, sometimes due to corrosion of the valve – even a little piece of debris getting into the valve can trip a safety control. Our experts can handle all of your gas hot water heater repairs for both tank and tankless systems – all you have to do is give us call!

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