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In residences, a grease trap is likely a luxury at best. Kitchen users can pour out their grease or oils in the garbage instead of the sink. But that’s not always possible, where the grease and oil can’t simply be tossed in the trash, and where the amounts involved require formal disposal methods to deal with. In those cases, a commercial grease trap is absolutely vital to keeping your plumbing system clear and your business running the way you need it to.

For installation and repair of commercial grease traps, Embrich Plumbing Co is the company to call. We know what kinds of needs commercial food preparation companies have, and our trained staff knows how to handle any issues that might come up. Whether you need a new grease trap installed or replaced, or a problem with an old one just needs to go away, we have what it takes to make sure the job is done right. Give us a call today and let us handle the issue the right way!

Call Embrich Plumbing Co for commercial grease trap services of all kinds in Collinsville, IL.


Illinois plumbing codes are quite clear that restaurants and food preparation services need to have an appropriate grease trap installed in their kitchen plumbing. The reasons why are obvious: it prevents stray grease from gumming up the plumbing lines, either in your commercial space specifically, or in the Collinsville, IL sewer lines, where they can cause quite a bit of trouble. Proper installation of a grease trap in all appropriate lines is a necessity for your business, and for something so important, you want a quality plumbing service like Embrich Plumbing Co to ensure that the installation has taken place with maximum efficiency and care.


Grease traps require periodic cleaning to stay functional, as well as regular maintenance sessions to check for problems with moving parts and other key components. But sooner or later, every system breaks down, and when it does, it can bring your kitchen screeching to a halt. That can spell doom for a business, especially a restaurant where even one day of lost customers can put quite a crinkle in your cash flow. If you spot a clog or backflow, or your grease trap appears to be broken, then call in Embrich Plumbing Co immediately to perform first–rate repairs every time.


A problematic grease trap can be difficult and time–consuming to fix, especially when you have a restaurant or other business to run in the meantime. That’s why Collinsville, IL businesses can trust Embrich Plumbing Co to cover installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services to make sure your grease traps are doing the job right every time. We offer 24–hour emergency service to take care of the job after hours if you need it, and we know speed is of the essence in your business, so our staff has the training and experience to do a great job in a short amount of time. Call us today and let us show you what we can do!

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