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We’ll make sure you have the right hot water heater for your home or commercial space in Collinsville by reviewing all of your options and helping you determine which one will best fit your needs. We’ll then size and install it correctly. Have you been struggling to find the right repair and maintenance help for your existing hot water heater? Give us a call! We provide comprehensive hot water heater services so that your property has all the hot water it needs around the clock!

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Sizing a hot water heater for your home, whether it is a tank or tankless model, isn’t just a simple estimation. Correct sizing means actually calculating specific factors to determine how much hot water your home really needs versus taking a guess. As you can imagine, guesswork can leave you without enough hot water for your home or with a hot water heater that is too big and uses too many resources (i.e., energy) to operate.

Your Embrich Plumbing Co expert will use a specific calculation that will determine how many gallons of hot water your property needs during something known as "peak hour" – the time or time of day when you use the most hot water. In residential properties, this is typically during weekday mornings. With commercial properties, peak hour can be at different times. Once our plumbing pro knows how much water is being used during peak hours, we can successfully size your new water heater for you.


While different types of hot water heaters can develop repair issues specific to their type, there are some basic signs all property owners should stay aware of in regard to their water heater possibly needing repair:

  • Tepid water/no hot water – this is the most obvious sign that you need an expert for repair. If you have a problem one time you may not need repair, but if multiple faucets are having problems giving you the hot water you need, it is time to call for help.
  • White or gray pieces of plastic in your hot water (for tank water heaters only) – if you own a tank water heater and you have noticed white or gray pieces of plastic coming through your hot water, you likely have a broken dip tube on your hands. Our pros have seen this many times and can fix it.
  • Strange sounds – this includes loud sounds. Hot water heaters are not noisy appliances, so if yours has suddenly become quite vociferous, it is time to have an expert check it out.
  • Odors – just as your hot water heater shouldn’t be noisy, it shouldn’t emit any smells, either. This includes the infamous "rotten egg" smell that means you need a flush of your hot water’s tank.


If you need expert help with a storage tank water heater for your home or commercial space, you have come to the right company. For 15 years, the plumbing pros at Embrich Plumbing Co have helped customers in Collinsville, IL with all of their tank hot water needs, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement.


Are you looking to upgrade your existing water heater to a tankless one, or do you need expert help with your current tankless hot water heater? We are here to help. Our experts have years of experience installing, repairing, replacing and maintaining tankless hot water heater systems!


Gas hot water heaters are very popular in both commercial and residential properties, and our experts can assist you with either a gas storage tank hot water heater or a tankless one. We specialize in the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of both types, and also work with propane hot water heaters.

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