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Though many homeowners don’t think about it, one of the biggest threats to their sewer lines tend to be tree roots. There are a number of reasons for this. Your sewer line runs from the municipal sewer main to your home, often passing under your front or back yard. Most homeowners have trees on their property, but even if they don’t they are likely fairly close to one. Tree root structures are massive, and can extend an astonishing distance beyond the visible trunk of the tree. In their quest for new sources of water, many times tree roots will penetrate the sewer line and begin to grow into it. This is a huge problem, but one that can be easily solved. Embrich Plumbing Co is a distributor of RootX, a superior tree root killing solution that can clear out your sewer line without extensive damage. Call today for more information, or to set up an appointment.

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RootX is a root control chemical that can be injected into your pipelines in order to destroy any roots inside. Once the chemical comes into contact with water, it foams up to fill the entire pipe and reach any roots that may be inside. Roots that come into contact with RootX will die, and eventually be washed down the pipe. RootX also leaves a residue on the pipe walls that prevents further root growth. RootX is not systemic, meaning it isn’t absorbed into the tree itself. You won’t actually be hurting any trees or other plant life on your property by using it. All it will do is get rid of any tree roots in your line, which are the only ones causing problems in the first place. RootX also has no adverse effects on the pipes themselves, or on wastewater treatment plants. You definitely shouldn’t drink it, but it’s perfectly safe to use on your plumbing.


Normally, when a tree root structure is discovered in a home’s sewer line it’s because it’s grown extensive enough to start causing problems. Frequent clogs and backups abound, and even backflow can be more common if you don’t have a prevention device. Once the roots are discovered, they tend to be cleaned out manually by chopping or grinding. This can damage your pipes, and has no guarantee of removing all of the root growth. RootX has no chance of damaging any part of your pipes, and is a much more effective solution for removing tree roots.


Right about now, you may be thinking about going to your nearest store and buying some RootX. Unfortunately, at the moment it is only sold to authorized dealers and isn’t available for private purchase. No need to worry, though! Our expert technicians are quite experienced in properly applying RootX for maximum effect. If you want to protect your sewer line from tree roots, call Embrich Plumbing Co and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that you get the best root control solution around.

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