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Homeowners and business owners have a lot of choices when it comes to installing and using a water filtration system. In fact, it can be downright confusing when reviewing your choices. This is where the plumbing and water experts from Embrich Plumbing Co come in. We have years of experience with just about every kind of water filtration system around, and we can help you determine which type will be the best choice for your home or business by assessing your needs. If you already own and use a water filtration system, you know how important it is to your home, and why it’s important to trust the people working on your water filtration system. If you have struggled to find reliable, expert help for your whole house water treatment system, you can relax: you just found us! There’s no reason to be without the clean, fresh water you want in your home when our experts are only a phone call away.

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Wondering why a water filtration system is important? Here are some reasons why our customers have chosen to install one:

  • Clean, fresh water for showers and baths – when you restrict your filtered water to drinking water, you are getting only singular use for that filtered water. With a whole–home filtration system, all your water is cleaned and purified, so whether you decide to take a bath or do a load of laundry, you’ll always have clean, filtered water to do so.
  • Protection against breaches – when you have a whole–home water filter, you won’t have worry should a problem develop with your municipal water supply or your well water because all the water coming into your home will pass through your filtration system first.
  • Protects your water–using appliances – sediment and minerals can build on water–using appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and hot water heaters, shortening their life spans. These materials are filtered from all the water in your home, providing protection for everything, including your water–using appliances.


Some people prefer not to use an entire whole house water filtration system. In these cases, a pitcher of filtered water is still going to come up short for you. This is where a point–of–use installation should be explored. Using a POU water filter means that a particular water outlet, like a kitchen sink or bathroom tub, has its own water filtration system attached to the piping, and the water coming from that faucet will be completely filtered. There are a few types of water filtration systems that can be used as point–of–use filters, including reverse osmosis systems. While point–of–use units can’t give you whole–home coverage for your water, they can extend the benefits of filtered water far past that of a pitcher. Contact our experts for details!

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