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More water moves through your bathroom in a day than in any other room of the house. You rely on your bathroom plumbing system to provide you with water and drainage any time you need it, 24 hours a day. So when something goes wrong with the toilet, pipes, or fixtures in your bathroom, you need someone who can be there for you at any time as well. Embrich Plumbing Co offers emergency plumbing services and more for customers in Collinsville, IL. We can help you with a bathroom remodeling job, or we can replace your pipes when you’re ready for an upgrade. No matter what your bathroom plumbing needs may be, we can take care of them. Schedule an appointment today!

Embrich Plumbing Co provides bathroom plumbing services in Maryville, IL and the surrounding areas.


A burst pipe, broken fixture or sewage backing up into the bathtub plumbing can send any homeowner rushing to the phone to call a local plumber. But some plumbing issues are not as obvious at first. It’s important that you get plumbing leaks and clogs repaired quickly in order to prevent plumbing issues from worsening. So how can you tell if your bathroom needs prompt repairs?

Any leak should be taken seriously, no matter how small it may seem to be at first. Even a single drip from the faucet of your bathroom sink can waste hundreds of gallons of water per year. Besides, the leak won’t get better on its own. If anything, delaying repairs will only allow the problem to get worse, resulting in a more costly and time–consuming fix by the time you do get around to calling a plumber. You should never delay repairs for toilet plumbing leaks and clogs either. Any time your toilets, sinks, and showers are not as they should be, we recommend calling a plumber to your home ASAP.


Are you considering remodeling parts of your bathroom? Maybe the conventional shower plumbing setup isn’t enough for you, and you want something similar to a spa experience. Or maybe you want to get rid of your bathtub in order to make space for a larger shower. Perhaps you want to replace your older toilet with a modern water–efficient toilet. We offer bathroom plumbing installation and remodeling services so that your bathroom is exactly as you’d like it to be. Schedule an appointment with our experts to get services and installation for your bathtub, shower, sink, or toilet.


Although sturdy and built to last, the toilet is one of the most utilized parts of the home. Thousands of gallons of water will pass through the tank and bowl, and you may encounter a problem from time to time. One of the most common is a "running toilet." The sound is related to a leak in the tank that’s allowing water to pass into the bowl constantly. Over time, this can result in a serious waste of water, and raise your utility bill accordingly. You may also find that your bowl is cracked or that it seems to clog frequently. We offer a number of different solutions for such problems, ranging from repair to total replacement.


Trust professionals to handle your bathroom plumbing maintenance, installation, and repair needs. We offer complete plumbing services for homes in the Collinsville, IL area, including toilet repair and replacement, faucet services, and piping services. We also offer 24–hour emergency services, so you can call us at any time to fix a major leak or clog. Just get in touch with our friendly team of experienced professionals today no matter how big or small your needs may be.

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