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When most people hear the words “hot water heater,” they usually picture a somewhat tall, cylindrical tank type of appliance. This is because the standard water heater has been a storage tank water heater for years, and today’s tank water heaters are the most energy efficient around. Our plumbing experts specialize in the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of tank hot water heaters, so if you have been looking for reliable assistance with yours, we are the experts to call! We offer 24-hour emergency service should you ever need it, and you will always speak to an actual person when you call, not a machine. Let us help you keep your hot water flowing with our comprehensive storage tank hot water heater services!

Embrich Plumbing Co offers expert storage tank hot water heater services in Collinsville, IL!


You may not know this, but in April 2015 there were some major changes made to the regulations regarding the manufacturing of storage tank hot water heaters. The reason these changes were made is to make all hot water heaters more energy efficient, especially storage tank hot water heaters. These changes involve a few items, including increased and improved insulation on all piping and valves, mandatory heat pump technology for storage tanks larger than 55 gallons, electronic ignition (no more standing pilot lights), condensing capability and better baffles and dampers to make flues more effective and efficient. Our experts have been aware of these changes for some time and have the experience to install these new hot water heaters so that you gain maximum energy efficiency.


Even with the new improvements to hot water heaters, you will likely need repair help at some point. Here are some of the more common problems that can develop with your storage tank hot water heater:

  • Problem with the heating element – whether you use gas or propane, or have an electric hot water heater, it has a heating element that heats the water cold water resting at the bottom of the tank. Gas burners can become dusty or even crack, and electric heating elements can have sequencing or aging issues. It is never advisable to see what is happening with the heating element of your hot water heater yourself – always call for an expert, like the ones at Embrich Plumbing Co.
  • Broken dip tubes – the way the cold water gets pushed to the bottom of your hot water tank for heating is thanks to the dip tube. This long, narrow plastic tube connects at the top of your tank and runs to about 8 inches above the bottom. The dip tube can sometimes crack or break, and if this happens, you can end up with tepid water. The dip tube will need to be replaced by your hot water heater expert.
  • Rusting/corrosion of the anode rod – water and metal are typically not a good combination, but when it comes to hot water heaters, it is an unavoidable one. This is why many precautions are taken to make sure that corrosion doesn’t take hold inside your hot water heater tank. To avoid this, every tank hot water heater is equipped with a metal rod known as the anode rod. This rod’s purpose is to attract the electrodes that can cause corrosion. The rod is also known as the sacrificial anode rod because it sacrifices itself to being corroded so your tank won’t corrode from the inside. However, once the anode rod has been fully corroded, it will need be replaced.

The plumbing pros at Embrich Plumbing Co are here for all of your tank hot water needs – just give us a call!

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