Bathroom Remodeling

Are you tired of the same old fixtures and layout in your bathroom? Are you ready to make some upgrades for better efficiency, space, or comfort? Then our bathroom remodeling specialists are the ones to call. Whether you need to replace an older, inefficient toilet, or completely change the layout of your shower, our plumbing experts can help. If it turns out your pipes need replacement during the remodeling job, we can do that too.

That’s the benefit of choosing professional plumbers to help with your bathroom remodel. Not only do you get help bringing your ideas for bathroom designs to life, but you also have expert plumbers who can ensure everything is up to code and properly installed for your safety and comfort. Contact our friendly team if you are considering remodeling a bathroom. We have already helped many customers in the Collinsville, IL area with their bathroom remodels, and we can help you too. Call Embrich Plumbing Co to set up an appointment today!

Embrich Plumbing Co provides bathroom remodeling services in Maryville, IL and the surrounding areas.

One of the services we offer is replacing old inefficient faucets, fixtures, and toilets with water–efficient models that help the environment and cut down your monthly spending. Low–flow toilets and sinks can make a world of difference for our environment, so consider including these with any remodel.

Bathrooms don’t all have to look alike. You might be considering moving away from the normal layout—sink, shower, tub, and toilet—and considering cutting out the bathtub for a larger shower or adding in spa–like equipment. We are happy to help you upgrade your bathroom plumbing and find a layout that works for your lifestyle. We can also handle smaller tasks, such as moving the sink to a higher level for more storage underneath or changing out your faucets for a new design. Whatever your needs may be, feel free to talk them over with a Embrich Plumbing Co professional.


Remodeling bathrooms is certainly no task for an amateur. You should always trust professionals to do the work for you—and not just a general handyman either. Professional plumbers go through years of training to get the proper experience and certification to handle whatever may come their way. Sometimes, a bathroom remodeling job reveals plumbing problems that need immediate attention. Occasionally, a plumber must spend extra time in a remodeling job to ensure the pipes are up to code. Work with professional plumbers, and you can feel certain that your bathroom remodel goes smoothly and safely.


Call Embrich Plumbing Co today to learn more about the bathroom remodeling services we offer in Collinsville, IL. We have been assisting customers in the area since 2001, and our expert plumbers have years of experience in the plumbing industry. Talk over your needs with our team, and we can help you to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted, and plumbing features that make your life more comfortable and convenient.

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