Bathroom Remodeling

Have you given some thought to remodeling your bathroom in Collinsville, IL? Working with a qualified licensed plumber will ensure that the bathroom remodel is done right. The safe and smart way to handle your bathroom remodel is with a professional licensed plumber. When you work with the professional plumbers at Embrich Plumbing Co, you can finally make that dream bathroom a reality.Bathroom Remodel

Think Functional

Does your bathroom work for your needs? Often the existing bathroom layout met the needs of the previous owner. Your bathroom should serve the needs of your household.

Do you need an ADA toilet or grab bars? Want to install a second sink in your master bathroom? Embrich Plumbing can handle the job.

Would you like a bathtub rather than just a shower stall? How about adding a urinal or a bidet? Embrich Plumbing can complete the bathroom remodel.

If your bathroom is not providing you with the user experience that you desire, then dial our number to fix that problem. We are happy to ensure that you get the most from the bathroom in your home.

And Fashionable

Ideally, your bathroom should be fashionable as well as functional.  Updating the look of your bathroom can also improve your home’s value.

Whenever you make improvements to your home, it is smart to appeal of a wider audience in your design choices.  Customizing the bathroom to your taste, while making it appealing to others will improve the value of your home.

Whether you desire a classic remodel, an elegant hide-a-way or a sleek and modern bathroom, Embrich Plumbing Co can handle the entire project.

Call Embrich Plumbing Co. to schedule your bathroom remodeling services.