Drink Better Water in 2016

Clean Drinking Water is Important

Do you wish your water tasted better? Many people start the new year with resolutions. Maybe they want to lose weight or save money, but most people do not consider healthy drinking water. If you have clean drinking water it is easy to take for granted.  Whether your water comes from a well or from a municipal water line, it should not smell, taste “funny”, or damage your plumbing. What can you do?

For hard water, get a water softener

Every human on the planet needs a certain amount of mineral content to be happy and healthy. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, two of the most common minerals on the planet. While calcium and magnesium are not necessarily bad for you, those minerals can damage plumbing pipes. As your water passes through the supply pipes and fixtures, it leaves behind mineral deposits. Those deposits will eventually build-up into hard crusts inside the pipes. This can lead to premature replacement of pipes and fixtures. Mineral deposits inside pipes can also cause poor water pressure. A whole-house water softener can protect your home by removing these minerals from your plumbing system.

For comprehensive water treatment, consider a reverse osmosis system

You may remember the term “osmosis” from high school biology, as it refers to the movement of molecules across a membrane from an area of lower concentration to that of a higher concentration. A reverse osmosis system reverses the flow by pressurization so that contaminants are trapped on one side while pure water passes through. They are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants including bacteria. Contact Embrich Plumbing to install a new reverse osmosis system or water softener by calling 618-343-9899 today.

If you want to be healthier in 2016, consider improving your water supply system.

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