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Is It Time for Water Heater Repairs?

The water heater in your home is far and away one of the most important appliances therein. Chances are that you, like most other homeowners have cause to use hot water in your residence every single day. It is for precisely this reason that any problems with your water heater in Edwardsville, IL are such cause for concern. Fortunately for you, our professional plumbers are here to get your water heater back on track in a timely manner. Before we can do so, of course, you must alert us to the problem. Keep the following warning signs that your water heater is in trouble in mind, and contact us when you have any cause for concern.

Loud Operation/Rumbling Sound

There are a few reasons as to why you may hear such sounds when using your water heater. It is possible that the pressure relief valve is malfunctioning, and that the pressure is building up to unsafe levels. It is also possible that sediment has built up to a point at which it has hardened and is causing water to boil beneath it. Whatever the case, it is important that you hire a professional water heater repair technician to deal with the problem.

Lukewarm Water

If your water heater used to work just fine, but is now unable to provide you with sufficiently heated water, there is likely a problem with the system. This could be something as simple as a malfunctioning thermostat, or your water heater could actually be failing to combust fuel successfully in order to generate enough heat. Only a trained professional can determine the cause of the problem with certainty.

Visible Rust or Water Leaks

Have you noticed rust or signs of corrosion anywhere on your water heater? If so, you likely have a water leak. You don’t need to have water all over the floor in order for this to be a serious problem, though that’s certainly a pretty clear sign of trouble. If you have any reason at all to suspect that your water heater is leaking, either from the tank or from its connections, contact us immediately.

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